NCUA Proposes Bylaw Amendments
The NCUA has proposed making several changes to its Bylaws intended to give federal credit unions greater flexibility. The New York Credit Union Association is conducting an online survey to gather credit union feedback on this topic and formulate a comment letter to the agency.
A link to the proposal can be found here:

Abusive Members
FCUs have complained that they have too little flexibility in dealing with abusive members or members who have caused the credit union a loss. The proposed rule includes a commentary to better explain to credit unions the steps they can take when dealing with abusive and belligerent members, as well as members who have caused the credit union any loss.
Do you agree that credit unions should be able to take more immediate action against members who are belligerent or who pose a threat to the safety of a credit union?
Even with these changes, a credit union would still have to hold a special meeting and membership vote to remove a member.
Do you believe that credit union boards should have the authority to expel members without a membership vote?
To clarify the responsibility of members, the NCUA is proposing to create a new paragraph to the bylaws describing a member in good standing. A member in good standing would be a member who is current on credit union loans and who does not engage in belligerent, disruptive or abusive behavior towards credit union staff or property.
Would you be in favor of a bylaw amendment clarifying what a member in good standing is? 
Meetings of the Membership
One of the NCUA’s goals is to encourage greater membership participation in annual and special meetings. NCUA wants to require that all credit unions conspicuously post notices of these meetings in branch locations and on credit union websites at least 30 calendar days before a meeting.
Does your credit union already post notice of the annual meeting on its website?
The proposed rule also makes an adjustment to the minimum quorum requirement for special and annual meetings. Specifically, in addition to the existing requirements, it would require that 12 members, excluding board members, credit union staff and credit union officials be present at annual and special meetings.
Do you agree or disagree that at least 12 members not affiliated with the credit union should have to be present at these meetings in order for there to be a quorum?
Will your credit union be able to satisfy this requirement?
Should NCUA authorize credit unions to conduct virtual meetings where members would be allowed to participate over websites?
Board Elections
NCUA is proposing that credit unions be allowed to use a broad range of techniques for voting, such as allowing voting by mobile phone or over the internet. It is not, however, allowing credit unions to rely entirely on electronic voting.
Would your credit union use electronic voting methods if it was authorized to do so?
Do you agree or disagree with NCUA that credit unions be required to have a non-electronic voting method available for members?
Removal of Board Members
Under the existing bylaws, credit unions may remove a Director or credit committee member who has missed three consecutive meetings or four meetings in a calendar year. This proposal would change that requirement so that members could be removed after missing three consecutive meetings or four meetings in any 12 month period.
Do you agree that credit unions should have more flexibility in removing board members?
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